What is a Cake Smash?

A cake smash session is when we do your baby's first birthday session with cake. When choosing a photographer for your cake smash, make sure that you choose someone with the specific style you are looking for. I like a more natural/simple style for cake smashes. I love simple and delicate decor that wont lose our focus which is your baby. We are not here to photograph a variety of props, we are here to capture your baby in their moment. I love delicate setups and lighter,softer color tones.

How does that work? During a Cake Smash Session we normally begin with some simple shots of the baby in different props, poses and outfits. If baby is shy or wont let go of mom and dad, we do start with family photos to get them acquainted with me and the studio. I do offer props and outfits, however, parents are recommended to bring 1-2 outfits of choice in case baby doesn't fit in the studio's outfits or if the parents simply want their own.

How many backdrops or setups do we do? I do photos mainly in the white room with the balloons and parents are able to choose a colored backdrop for a few shots also. You can view the backdrop options on this link. If we are doing cake smash + family photos, that tends to be a lot for most babies so we dont end up doing an extra backdrop unless baby is happy. 60 minutes shooting is a lot for most babies so we will use that time wisely.

How long does a Cake Smash Session last? This session typically runs approximately 60 minutes long. We begin with simple shots or family photos first and then cake at the end.

What do I need to bring? I recommend bringing 1-2 outfits AND cake. I do not provide the cake. For boys, I love denim pants or shorts and rompers. For girls, I love dresses and rompers . I do have a few options for both boys and girls at the studio also.

Do I need to bring balloons? No, I will do a delicate balloon setup for the cake smash part. All you need to do is tell me the colors you're aiming for.

Where can I order the cake? I always recommend clients to get their cakes at Wegmans. My favorite one is Pittsford Wegmans and they can take orders last minute if you need it soon. You can do ombré style or any kind you'd like. The plain white cake that they usually have available in the bakery area is perfect or I have also had clients order a naked cake there, they look adorable for photos. Not too sweet and it is a perfect size and also delicious. If you want something more custom, I always recommend Shell's Sweets (she's in Henrietta) but you do need to order it early.

Mom & Dad - What to wear? Mamas you are welcome to wear any of the dresses in my closet. Otherwise, neutrals and light color clothing is best. I do family photos in the white room so neutrals work best. For dad, jeans and a plain white or neutral t-shirt works perfect. I do recommend avoiding shorts. If you still need more help, see this link with more outfit ideas and help. See some ideas below: