Your family portraits are all about your family and fun. That’s why we’ll take your photos at a location your family likes or enjoys going. Or we can recommend a great location. Family sessions are meant to be fun and intimate to show the love and the union between everyone. We will do some posed shots but we will mainly capture love, moments and emotions.

Before your Session

I am willing to help you plan as much or as little as you need and I often recommend parents to send me photos of the outfits you've chosen so that we can approve/disapprove if need be.

During your Session

Family Sessions usually last 60-90 minutes and are meant to be fun! 

Nothing is ever stiff or formal with me, so expect that we will get a little chatty, and pretty soon, any potential nerves will melt away. We laugh. We talk. I’ll probably fix your hairs at least 274 times and ask you to humor me for “just one more idea.” I’m telling you – it’s fun stuff.

After your Session

About 1-2 weeks after your session we will be meeting again to select your images and add any products that you'd like. Ill be able to guide you throughout the whole process.