Covid Precautions & Guidelines

Please view below the list of precautions for outdoor portrait sessions. Families & Maternity Sessions are not available in studio at this time.

Dresses & Gowns

Any dresses or gowns used for your photoshoot will be washed and ready for the next client.

No Changing Tent will be available at this time. We can try to change in the car or around private areas of the location we pick.

Maintain 6 ft Distance

We will maintain the 6 feet distance. I may ask partners to help you fit into your gown/dress or fix your hair, pose etc.

Immediate Family Only

Please do not bring extra family/friends who will not be photographed. If you need someone to help with a child/children, just contact me before hand. Partners and siblings are welcome.

No pets allowed at this time.

Feeling under the weather?

Please let me know if you feel sick or have been near someone who has been sick. I have a baby at home as well and it is my top priority to keep myself, my family and my clients healthy and safe.

Studio Sessions

Newborns & Babies

I am currently only booking babies up to 12 months and Maternity Sessions for studio sessions. Maternity sessions will be limited to Petite Maternity for studio.

The studio will always be sanitized before you come in and everything that is used on your baby will be cleaned and ready for the next client. There will be a 24 hour between clients in the studio to allow me enough time to clean and wash used props.

Remove shoes

You are allowed to wear shoes in studio, I do just ask that you remove them towards the area where the closet and shooting area are. Shoes carry a lot of germs and I try to keep it out of baby items and rugs as much as I can. I often have crawlers and want to maintain it clean for babies.

Wash/Sanitize hands at arrival

There is a bathroom in the studio. Please come in and wash your hands immediately or use some hand sanitizer at the entrance.


I am fully vaccinated and if you are also vaccinated, you are welcome to not wear a mask during your session.

I will continue to wear masks for studio sessions regardless of the cdc changes.

Immediate Family Only

At this time, I have decided to limit sessions to baby and parents only. Please only bring the baby being photographed to keep the studio with a maximum of 4 people for now. If siblings are involved, I will ask that they come towards the end of the session.

Thanks for your cooperation!