Maternity Sessions Preparation Guide

Cell: 585-469-9337

Studio: 2118 Five Mile Line Road, Penfield NY

Preparation Guide

  1. Have a great meal before your session. Drink plenty of liquids but try to avoid it too much close to your session time. If we are on location, many times there are no bathrooms around.
  2. Avoid anything elastic on the belly on your way to the session. Throw a dress on, wear low waisted undies and avoid anything that will leave marks on your belly.
  3. Professional Makeup is suggested. I suggest going a little heavier on the mascara and wearing a lipstick that isn’t too dark but shows a nice contrast on your natural skin color. Make your session day a special YOU day and have fun with it. Get your hair and makeup professionally done, its fun and it will make you feel amazing.
  4. If you are wearing one of my long gowns, they don't show any shoes so wear something comfy. For shorter dresses or dresses that don't have a train, wear something cute in case they show. If we are going to a park, I don't recommend heels. We can take some barefoot too if shoes aren't fitting.

Items you can bring

  1. When bringing partners or children have them wear clothes that are matching in tone. 
  2. Strapless bra. Even if it doesn't fit! It will hold up the “girls” when you are wrapped or for the maternity gowns. NEUTRAL and/or BLACK are recommended. Tip: If you plan on wearing lighter dresses or see-through dresses, wear something that matches your skin tone for both bra and undies.
  3. White lingerie for studio sessions are amazing!
  4. For a casual look, bring or wear jeans that go below the belly and a cute fitted top.
  5. Skirts that go below the belly with a cute top makes cute shots also.
  6. If you love jewelry, bring your favorite pieces. Big necklaces will make a statement with studio photos.
  7. Cute shoes in case they show or something comfy to walk around. Most dresses hide shoes.
  8. A neutral undie for see-through maternity gowns. Feel free to match with any dresses you plan on wearing too.

Husband: What to Wear

I always recommend partners to wear a light gray plaid shirt, a neutral shirt (whites/grays) or plain white/gray/neutral t-shirt with no logos. Dark jeans are also recommended. Avoid sneakers or any clothes that are too bright in color.

Great shops for him: Old navy, Marshalls, Target, Amazon, Gap.

Family: What to Wear

All family members are recommended to wear clothing around the same color palette but not completely matching. I do recommended at least one person to wear details like delicate flowers or color to break the pattern.

Great shops for kids: H&M, Zara, Old Navy, Target and Marshals

Husband: What to Wear

Staying neutral is always a great idea. It avoids taking mama's focus and it blends nicely with the gowns/outfits.


  1. Please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early in case anything happens especially if you are going to a new location at the park.
  2. As stated in our contract, cell phone images or videos are NOT allowed during your session.
  3. After your session, your proofs will be edited and sent via email within 2-3 weeks for you to choose your images. Sometimes delays can occur during high demand seasons like Fall, Spring and Holiday.
  4. Weather in Rochester can be quite unpredictable at times. With that said, Ill keep an eye prior to your session and if we have issues I usually reschedule day of or the day prior. The most accurate weather tends to be the day of and most times if it says it will rain, it doesnt so that is why I wait until 24 hours or less. And don't worry, I'll keep you posted on any changes.

I look forward to making memories together!