Family Preparation Guide


Thanks so much for allowing me the honor of creating beautiful photos for your family. It is my hope that together we craft not only awesome memories, but gorgeous, timeless images as well.

My style is photo journalistic, I love capturing families playing, snuggling, being goofy, and just loving on each other. I will always do my best to get that one desired shot of everyone looking and smiling at me, but will for the most part, be giving piggyback rides to your kids, encouraging dads to show off their kid-flipping skills, having little ones give moms their BEST hugs EVER, and fun stuff like that. All sessions are shot in the evening for optimal lighting – the time frame of this will depend upon the season and the sun. We will discuss this more in details if we havent already.

Please take some time to read through the following information as you prepare yourself and your family!

Looking forward to meeting with you!

Prior to your session


Preparing your kids for our session as much as possible often takes the timidness out of the evening. Please make sure kids know that this is FUN! No threats, as they usually bring about tears and added stress. Don’t even bother telling them to be sure to smile or “be good”. My goal isnt to get a picture of your child “being good” or just “smiling” but having fun and interacting. Making sure they are fed before will also ensure that they are in a good mood.


Moms, I am speaking to you. Is your husband feeling less than thrilled about your upcoming photo shoot? A little bribery seems to work well here (though maybe something better than ice cream!) as well!

But seriously, let your husband know that the shoot will be relatively painless and to try to focus on having an hour to play with the kids, hold your hand and just savor the moment!


What to Wear

Husbands: I highly recommend jeans, dress shoes/sneakers and plain t-shirt/shirt or plaid shirt. Polo shirts work well too. Remember to wear colors that will blend nicely with everyone. Lets avoid greens/bright yellows or any color that is florescent. This goes for shoes as well.

Girls: Dresses or leggings with cute shirt, overalls. It all depends on the age. Old Navy, Zara & HM are my favorite to shop for kids.
Boys: Jeans or brown/beige pants with cute sneaks/sandals and plain t-shirt , shirt or polo.

Styling Continued

Head to toe. Remember to dress down to you and your family’s feet. No scuffed Reeboks for boys, but fun shoes like Converse, “boat” shoes or boots. Same for girls, no Dora crocs, but more traditional Mary Janes or boots work best.

What NOT to wear. Remember to Olan Mills look of everyone in khakids + white button down shirts? That isnt the kind of matching i’d like you to do. Again, think coordinating without matching perfectly. Dads, instead of defaulting to a plain ole polo – look for fun colors, stripes